Blended Environmental Solutions

Consulting Services

Strategies that put you ahead of the pack.

  • Activate private sector leadership as well as compliance
  • Empowering governmental leaders and policy-makers to take action
  • Drive leading non-profit advocacy activity
Use global innovations to deliver your circular economy.
  • Design waste out of systems through a circular economy
  • Reduce the impact of single-use plastics at source
  • Transition to extended producer responsibility

Legal Strategy

Align your strategy with current laws and government policies and reduce legal costs.

  • Reduce liability and risk in shifting regulatory landscapes
  • Stay compliant with Canada’s laws
  • Avoid future reputational damage

Holistic Services

Designing strategy that closely tracks the latest international innovations in environmental policy while addressing the practical and legal realities of the Canadian context is one of the greatest challenges of business and the public sector in Canada. Clients often hire different professionals to deliver these services, doubling their fees while receiving services that are partial in their vision.

Green Earth Strategy merges environmental consulting and law to deliver forward-thinking environmental solutions with staying power. Clients halve their costs while receiving robust and practical strategies that drive innovation.

Our work with policy-makers allows us to give insights and clarity to policies beyond what other firms can offer. We have a seat at the table with municipal to province-level governing bodies as policies are created and our ear to the ground where policies are implemented. Our advice is informed by today’s laws and tomorrow’s new regulations.

For our public entities, we provide advice based on the practical needs and capabilities of industry. By keeping the policy ambitions of governments in line with the capacities of industry and business, we’re able to help you access policy and legal tools that are both practical and forward-leaning.

Non-profits work with Green Earth Strategy to help shape advocacy strategies that are effective in their vision and targeted at the right decision-makers.

The Difference

Green Earth Strategy delivers both environmental consulting as well as legal advice, though not necessarily at the same time.

Consulting. Consulting clients benefit from strategies that are informed by the latest innovations in waste management law and policy both in Canada as well as internationally. They also benefit from our connections and insights into the waste management industry in Canada in both public and private sectors.

Legal. Green Earth Strategy, however, goes a step further than most environmental consultants in Canada in identifying which innovations in strategy or policy are suitable, or how they can become adaptable, given the Canadian legal context. Our firm can identify the legal and regulatory risks that can affect the client’s strategy and make recommendations to avoid the roadblocks ahead.